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The website for tenants and landlords specialising in short term commercial lettings from 2 weeks to 5 years

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SHORTshare® Free Service for Landlords

SHORTshare® acts for tenants and therefore we do not ask the landlord to pay us any fees. In return we ask the landlord to sign an exclusive letting agreement with us for any period the landlord is comfortable with. The landlord agreement and our terms and conditions can be viewed here

Landlords can be freeholders or existing head leaseholders.

We also seek landlords that are willing to allow tenants to share. When tenants share we call this a SHORTshare® Showroom and the site will look smart as it will have the Showroom sign over the frontage. To compensate the landlord for any paperwork complication from sharing, the SHORTshare® agent will take a licence for the site itself and sub-let to the sharers. This keeps the cost to the landlord to a minimum. There is no financial risk as all Showroom licences are paid for in full in advance by all parties.

All SHORTshare® leases and licences are based on the standard British Property Federation recommendations approved by tenants and landlords. Any special conditions can also be incorporated.

Copies of our standard licences, showroom licence and leases are available on request by emailing info@shortshare.co.uk or by using our Contact Form

If you wish to offer us a site please complete the form below and we will aim to direct tenants to you, subject to you being happy with our exclusive contract period.

SHORTshare® & Showroom
Why Choose us?

Our objective is to encourage tenants into town centres by:

  • Limiting their initial financial risk just to a short period of occupation
  • Limiting their expense through offering shared premises, if required
  • Handling for tenants all paperwork and administration connected with short lets and
  • Offering tenants a single rental payment covering rent, rates, utility use and fees in one payment.

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Whilst every effort is made to keep this information secure, you should be aware that we cannot offer any guarantees of absolute privacy.

If this concerns you then you should use another method to contact us.

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